The comebach is possible. This is the split decision message that they launched the FC Barcelona Lassa players after they lost in the Sparkassen Arena. And they didn’t miss out on believing the magic of the Palau Blaugrana, but history will give them a lot to talk about.

After the game the THW Kiel showed itself, probably the best game of the season so far, ‘The zebras’ won the game (29-24) now they are trying to finish the game in the Palau Blaugrana, something that less easy. The Palau packed with people could be too much for the Palau even with a team like THW Kiel.

The supporters of the FC Barcelona Lassa are waiting the whole season for matches like the one next Saturday and they are preparing for the Palau Blaugrana a cauldron of unrest. Throughout its history in European competitions and there are now a number of occasions that the Palau’s magic will show its fruits and in this edition of the EHF Champions League should again be the main European defending champion. In the Köln Final4.

Going though the history of the Blaugrana in European competitions we can see in 14 occasions they have obtained a turn around tie. 12 times in the Champions league and 2 in the Cup winners’ cup. And curiously the rival who has got back in, in a qualifying round more times is the THW Kiel.

This is the fifth occasion that THW Kiel get to Palau Blaugrana winning the way to Germany and only in one occasion removing the catalonian team. That was in 2008 when THW Kiel didn’t miss out on its track (41-31) to win EHF Champions League.

In the three occasions that FC Barcelona had to get back in the qualifying round before the THW Kiel the Palau’s magic made its work In the final match of the EHF Champions League in 2000 the team got back in 3 goals, in the semi finals in 2011 got back in 4 goals in quarter finals in the finals in 2005. The FC Barcelona got back in 5 goals the same time in this occasion.

But the THW Kiel isn’t the only team that died under Palau blaugrana’s pressure took his team on wings next Saturday the Pasqui team. Like we say before 14 get backs done by FC Barcelona during its long history in European Competitions 5 of those get backs or more.

The last time that FC Barcelona had to pull an epic game was in the quarter finals of 2014. We all remember that disastrous game where the Catalans scored 38 goals and that marvellous return game where as the Pasqui won by (31-24) so it would qualify against the Final4 in Köln.

A year before the Blaugrana team had to get back to be in the Final4 it did it before an Atletico de Madrid, they were surprised in the come back game. In that occasion the Barça had to gain 5 goals and won on its track (32-24).

Other great achievements in the history of the Barcelona was when it gained the title in the season 2004/05, In that edition the EHF Champions League the Catalanes had to get back in the quarter finals, semi finals and finals. In quarter finals they gained before THW Kiel 5 goals and in semi finals against Celje Pivovarna Lasko, 4 goals and in the final they fought before the Ciudad Real they made a comeback disadvantage goal.

From these 14 comebacks which the supporters culé have lived 9 of them finished with the FC Barcelona gaining the title.
Some of them had to focus on the Dream Team before the Valero Rivera made a comeback 3 goals in the final of 2000 before THW Kiel; and 3 goals before the RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko in the semi finals of 1999 5 goals before the Veszprém in quarter finals of 1998, and 3 before the Askö Linde Linz in the second round of 1996.

Edu Agulló | @Eduagullo