The lovers of handball we enjoy every match were we see Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson and in the coming weeks the fans blaugrana will enjoy the last games of the his team. His dedication, and quality, makes Sigurdsson a unique player and one of the best players of our sport.

During centuries a lot of scholars were trying to find the immortality, the eternal youth, and we think the Sigurdsson has found it. He has drank from the internal well of youth. He produced a lot of books which reflected on his mythological story.

The eternal young player came to the FC Barcelona in the summer of 2014 at the age of 35. Precisely he wasn’t a boy, he looked older but Pasqui signed him up as right winger which would play for many years. Now, two seasons after, the local team has decided to dispense with the Icelandic captain to put Valero Rivera in his place but calm we’ll carry on enjoying Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson at the highest level, will be substituted by Uwe Gensshemer in the Rhein Neckar Löwen. The German team wouldn’t take a player 37 year of age because he’s at the end of his career, signing up a younger born in 1979.

The physical conditions of Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson let’s make it clear that the years don’t go by. Or in other words he has found the well of eternal youth in Iceland or looking after himself would be a very good player. The youth that is treated Sigurdsson at 36 years of age are more extraordinary if we compare with players of his generation, players that you don’t see in the matches nowadays. Even if they were born in 1979 men like Lars Krogh Jeppepsen, Aleš Pajovic, Ivano Balic, Robert Arrhenius or Ion Belaustegui.

Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson made is debut in Iceland when he was 16 years old in the Grótta KR. Team. He had minutes in 10 games. That’s where his extraordinary career started with 21 seasons on his back since then. After 3 years in the Grótta KR he sign up for the KA Akureyri team there he lived his final take off, in his second season in the Icelandic team Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson started playing with the national team. Since then, 17 years wearing the Icelandic team in which he has played 322 matches and has scored 1707 goals. These 1707 goals (more or less than 5 goals per match) that is to be 137 more than Ólafur Stefánsson and 855 more than Snorri Steinn Guðjónsson, second best active goal scorer in the Icelandic team.

There isn’t any doubt that we are enjoying one of the best players in the next couple of seasons. Because seeing his performance and his capacity to play 60 minutes game after game it’s difficult to predict until what age would he play this genius Icelandic right winger who has found in the handball game the fountain of eternal youth.

Edu Agulló | @Eduagullo